Application Instructions

We ask that any incarcerated student interested in receiving an application send us a request to our mailing address with a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE) enclosed. While we are not currently serving every State in the U.S., we’ll add the prospective student to our waiting list. In fact, adding students to this wait-list helps us illustrate demand and secure funding for new locations.

Application Requests
Prison Scholar Fund
1752 NW Market St. #953
Seattle, WA  98107

    A high-level overview of the application process follows (PSF staff are available to assist students along the way):

    • Student requests / receives application
    • Student researches degree program and college/university
    • Student creates degree plan
    • Student completes and submits application
    • Committee of PSF Staff and community members evaluate applications
    • Students are notified of outcomes